Guesthouse Noafer has been in the family for three generations, but has been a place to drop by to refresh for much longer.

In times gone by all kinds of people who were on the go such as craftsmen going from place to place, inhabitants of Bozen seeking nature, or even farmers who had sold their ware in the valley, stopped by at Noafer to enjoy a nice glass of wine or some "Speck" (bacon speciality) whilst enjoying a friendly chat with the locals in the Stube (rustic wooden room). Nowadays it's families, trekkers, businesspeople enjoying their lunches and many more, but they all come for the same thing. Enjoying nature whilst enjoying some homemade apple strudel, or having fun at a game of cards in the enticing Stube (rustic wooden room) in winter.

Our grandmother successfully completed the necessary exams more than 50 years ago which enabled her to avail of a guesthouse license and turn her passion into her profession.Slowly but surely, Noafer turned into one of the most popular destinations, and this got passed on by word of mouth from one guest to the next.

Our mother Martha took over the running of the guesthouse even though her vocation was more on the agricultural side of things - especially on wine growing. She also passed on to us the idealism that there is nothing better than fresh products produced directly on the farm which are then used in the guesthouse – even if this does entail more work. To this day, we still utilise as many products as possible grown on our mother's farm.
Any other foodstuffs that we don't produce directly on the farm we try to source from local producers. Our trusted baker "Gregor’s Backstube Schrot und Korn" from Vöran buys locally produced corn which he then grinds in his own mills.Additionally, he still uses the old art of fermenting.
The meat that we source from our trusted butchers such as the butcher Nigg in Terlan or the Butcher Stampfl in Bozen is also primarily of South Tyrolean origin. For these reasons we choose our partner suppliers carefully, because we fully believe that our guests appreciate the regionality and freshness of the products, just as much as we do.

So you shouldn't miss out on any of our home-produced wine, or our local South Tyrolean "Brettlmarende" snack platter, or our homemade juices or national dish: Knödel (dumplings) in their various forms as passed on to us from grandmother and mother.

If you are planning a celebration or a social get together, and place a lot of value on the simplicity of the typical South Tyrolean dishes, then you are certainly at the right place here. It goes without saying that we would be delighted to reserve a table for you for one of our autumnal "Törggelabend" evenings from Thursday to Saturday.

For family celebrations such as christenings, first communions, confirmations, birthdays or small wedding parties please feel free to contact us and we will do our level best to make sure that your special day really is a special one.

We can provide you with typical South Tyrolean dishes such as Knödel dumplings in various forms, and depending on the season also potato ravioli and Erdäpfelblattln (fried potato pastries). In autumn, which is also our peak season, we also prepare Törggelegerichte dishes which include roasted ribs, boiled bacon, Sauerkraut sour cabbage and sausages.

In spring we then have dishes and salads using products from our own garden on our menu.


Unser Beruf macht uns Freude. Aus Zutaten welche uns die Natur schenkt, Gerichte für unsere Gäste zu zaubern, die traditionelle Südtiroler Küche zu bewahren, aber den Speisen auch ein uns eigenes Extra zu geben. Deshalb legen wir Wert auf naturbelassene und saisonale Lebensmittel.

Was möglich ist, beziehen wir vom angeschlossenen Hof, wie die Kastanien im Herbst, Kartoffeln, den "Kobis" für den Krautsalat und vieles mehr. Anderes, wie Fleisch und Brot beziehen wir von ausgesuchten Metzgern und Bäckern welche dieselbe Hingabe für ihre Produkte haben, wie wir.
Auch bei unserer Getränkeauswahl geben wir unser Bestes Ihnen heimische Genüsse anzubieten.

Angefangen bei selbstgemachten Säften, wie Holunder-, Pfefferminz- und Traubensaft, und mit besonderen Augenmerk auf den hofeigenen Weinen. Auch dort wird langsam mit dem Ausbau der verschiedenen Trauben im eigenem Keller experimentiert.

Neben den typischen Rebsorten Vernatsch als Rotwein und dem Weißburgunder als Weißwein, hat sich bereits unser Zweigelt als körperreicher Rotwein mit sanften Taninen etabliert. Und je nach Weinjahr hatten wir bereits Sylvaner bzw, Sauvignon im Fass.
Bei uns bekommen Sie je nach Jahreszeit verschiedenste Knödel, Teigtaschen, Erdäpflblattln, Rippelen, Hauswurst, Surfleisch, Lammbratl, Kalbsbraten, Wienerschnitzel, Omeletten, Kaiserschmarrn, Bauernkrapfen, Apfelstrudel und vieles mehr.
Unser Törggelemenü, welches wir abends im Oktober und November auf Vorbestellung anbieten besteht aus Gerstensuppe oder Vorspeisenbis, der Schlachtplatte (Hauswurst, Surfleisch, gebratene Rippelen, Sauerkraut, Röstkartoffeln und Speckknödel), danach gebratene Kastanien und bäuerliche Süßigkeiten.